What is Charlie?

The registered Charlie association offers students and employees of Charles University and other universities, as well as their friends and allies, a platform for self-realisation, socialization, entertainment and for finding support in difficult life situations.
It focuses primarily on gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual and transgender people and their right not to be discriminated against based on their sexual and/or gender identity.
Charlie association's mission is to improve not only queer people´s quality of life, but also the entire academic community and society by the means of perpetuating mutual respect and acceptance of diversity.

Charlie´s goal is to provide a dignified safe heaven for minorities, thanks to which we´ll be able to cooperate with the majority instead of isolating ourselves. Thats why membership is open to heterosexuals, allies, absolvents and other interested parties that perceive the problem of unequal opportunities as a serious social issue.

The association consists of several dozen members who partake in a diverse range of activities with consideration to Charlie's mission. The most important projects are directed towards students. One of

At the same time, the association honours a positive presentation of Charles University as an academic institution which is aware of both advantages and potencial conflicts created by embracing diversity. Charlie systematically deals with conflict prevention. For this reason Charlie´s events include lectures, discussions, movie projections, exhibitions, picnics, trips, competitions and other cultural and social events.

We also cooperate with other queer organisations, both foreign and those in the Czech Republic. Our most important events are our regular Tuesday meetings, designed for socialisation and making new friends in and outside the queer world. They are open to both members and newcommers alike.